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PharmaCielo will open curative cannabis production in Colombia with crops in Antioquia. Its president, Jon Ruiz, received the first government license.

In the coming days, Jon Ruiz, president and CEO of PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings will receive the first license to be issued in Colombia to grow, process, and sell marijuana for medicinal purposes. A business without precedent in legal history. The company, Colombo-Canadian, plans to plant 600 hectares of cannabis in Rionegro, Antioquia, to produce natural oils that keep more than 98% of the active elements of the plant.

The company, with extensive experience in the business of medicinal marijuana derivatives, works in Colombia as a partner in research with the University of Antioquia, to analyze and genetically identify the unknown universe of cannabis strains around here. “Our purpose is to select only the best strains for commercial propagation and supply the market with extracts from legendary strains such as Colombian Gold, Mango Biche and Colombian Red- while at the same time we will bring forward other strains presently unknown in the market,” explains the company on its official website.

Among the products that this company will develop are vaporization kits, oils, topical ointments, liniments, salves and creams. As in some countries. and in much of the United States where it is legal for medicinal development of marijuana, these products can be freely bought and consumed by patients, for chronic pain, sleep disorder, diagnosis of Parkinson’s, cancer and HIV, for example.

According to studies made by the company, the best cannabis is one that is grown on the equator, for the plant to have a full development requires a constant cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, and it is only in this area of the world where such weather conditions is available 365 days a year. Likewise, the territories away from the equator are progressively less favorable for the cultivation of marijuana, which also demand abundant water and fertile land. For all these reasons PharmaCielo estimated that Colombia is an ideal place to develop cannabis of the highest quality.

PharmaCielo has already exceeded all legal requirements required by the Ministry of Health and the National Narcotics Council. What remains is to provide insurance that will operate, to get the official green light and formally started business in Colombia. The Spaniard Jon Ruiz has lead the process and will lead the next commercial operation. He is an executive widely known in the media in the country. Between 2011 and 2015 Ruiz served as general manager and executive director of the Casa Editorial El Tiempo. And before he was president of the Association of Editors of Newspapers and News Media (Andiarios). He also held management positions at the multinational Philip Morris tobacco.

About PharmaCielo’s plans in Colombia Ruiz said: “Our goal is to become the largest suppliers of cannabis oil extracts grown naturally and there is no better place to do this than in Colombia by the equatorial location of the country and its variety of microclimates there is little doubt the ideal role Colombia will play in the development of this international industry that is growing rapidly. ”

 It is sung that PharmaCielo received the first license; it is a matter of days to finnish the process. But this is not the only company to enter the business. Cannavida, Cannalivio, Ecomedics, and Econnabis are other companies that are in diligence to receive licenses. After decades of criminalization and exclusive police treatment against marijuana, the country turns the page to start the attractive chapter of medicinal cannabis business

This article has been translated from the original spanish: Marihuana medicinal ‘made in Colombia’: arranca el negocio.

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