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Medical cases, see the videos below and you will see how amazing this plant is and what benefits can bring for the people in Romania. Why suffer longer? Take action and make this plant Legal in Romania

Jaqie Angel warriorJaqie Angel Warrior is a two-year old who has suffered from multiple types of seizures since she was five months old. Dozens of medications, including Depakote and klonopin, failed to control the thousands of seizures and caused terrible side effects.

Looking for other options, Jaqie’s mother Brittany discovered the potential of cannabis oil. They moved to a motel in Colorado where they began using high-CBD oil, which also contains THC levels higherthan any state’s CBD-only bill currently allows.

Most children need some significant quantity of THC to see transformational results. With cannabis, Jaqie’s seizures have reduced by over 90% and she has ceased use of dangerous pharmaceuticals.

See Brittany Testify in front of Oklahoma lawmakers

“The CHEMO made him violently ill.” -Sanjay Gupta M.D.

Landon Riddle

Landon Riddle was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 2. He had an especially aggressive type of the cancer, and was given only an 8% chance of living.

His story was described by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in an August 2013 video. Dr. Gupta stated, “The chemo made him violently ill. He was in intense pain, he suffered nerve damage in his legs, and he went 25 days without eating.”

Landon’s mother Sierra then turned to high-CBD cannabis oil fromRealm of Caring as a final attempt to save his life. In the first couple weeks of treatment, Landon turned around dramatically and quickly went into remission.

Due to the effectiveness of the oil and the harms of chemotherapy, Landon has been only using cannabis oil to keep his disease in remission. Despite doctors saying that the leukemia would definitely return without chemotherapy, it has stayed away with cannabis extract treatment.

Landon is now 5 years old and doing phenomenally well.

see Landon Make a cannabis smoothie

“I was just charging up there, and everyone else was dropping like flies…” -Coltyn Turner

Coltyn Turner

Coltyn Turner is a teenage patient who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2011. The disease took a huge toll on his life, causing severe pain and stunted growth.

Traditional medicines were ineffective, and no safe options were available to the Turner family. As a last resort, they moved from Illinois to Colorado in February 2014 to begin cannabis extract treatment. By September, he had gained 20 pounds and his symptoms had essentially disappeared.

Medical documentation confirms the dramatic effect cannabis extract medicine has had on him. Before the treatment, Coltyn had 22 centimeters of inflammation in his colon along with innumerous ulcers.

In a little over half a year, all the ulcers were eliminated and the inflammation was nearly entirely gone. Coltyn now loves to climb mountains and now often outpaces his family.

watch Coltyn's journey of hope

“The cyst has decreased in size by roughly 75-80% and the tumor is almost gone!” -Tracy Ryan

Sophie Ryan

Sophie Ryan was diagnosed with an optic pathway glioma before she even reached two years old. Doctors told her mother Tracy that the tumor would not respond well to chemotherapy, and that the primary goal was to prevent further growth.

However, using a combination of high-THC and high-CBD cannabis oils along with chemotherapy has delivered spectacular results. The tumor is almost completely gone, and despite doctors confident predictions that Sophie would become blind in her left eye, her sight remains perfect.

Through facebook and online fundraisers, Tracy has helped many other patients and continuously reports new successes from other pediatric cancer patients using cannabis oil.

See Sophie in Weed The People

“Thanks to cannabis, I survived terminal stage 4 lung cancer.” -Sharon Kelly

Sharon Kelly

Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with Stage IV non-small lung cancer in January 2014.

Her condition was deemed terminal,although it was discovered that an oral chemotherapeutic drug called Tarcevacould potentially extend her life. With the drug, she was given 6 to 9 months to live.

Sharon discovered that cannabis oil could actually save her life, and began using it along with Tarceva in February 2014. She was able to increase her intake by adding cannabis suppositories as well. The combination of treatments proved very potent, and by September 3rd, 2014, a scan showed Sharon was cancer free.

In February 2015, medical tests indicated cancer cells had reemerged in Sharon’s lungs. This recurrence is much smaller compared to the original tumors Sharon had, and she is using aggressive cannabis extract therapy to once again beat the cancer.

Her experience has made her one of the most powerful activists in the Australian medicinal cannabis community.

Watch sharron's happy video

Stan is no stranger to cancer…

Stan Rutner

Stan Rutner fought non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma successfully back in the 1980s using conventional treatments. Unfortunately, the cancer returned in 2011, attacking his lungs and brain.

Chemotherapy and radiation failed this time around, and Stan was put on hospice. As a last resort, he began ingesting cannabis-infused coconut oil to help with pain.

The effects were dramatic, and Stan eventually added in larger doses of high-THC and high-CBD oil. By early 2013, Stan was completely cancer free.

His son-in-law and daughter, John and Corinne Malanca, startedUnited Patients Group as a way to help other people facing cancer.

Cannabis cures cancer - the stan rutner story

Biochemist Kills Cancer with Cannabis Oil…

Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill is a former biochemist and cancer researcher. In February 2010, he was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer.

Not wanting to undergo chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, Dennis sought out alternatives. He learned about cannabis oil, and after immersing himself in the research decided it was right for him.

The only conventional treatment he used was Lupron, which can slow tumor growth by lowering testosterone production. However, it cannot directly kill the tumors.

By early 2011, the cancer was gone. It returned briefly in 2012, but was quickly eradicated again with high-dose cannabinoid therapy.