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When a migraine sets in, it’s like the whole world shatters. The pain from migraine headaches can be utterly debilitating. Nausea, muscle pain, and the inability to sleep can make everything worse. Luckily, that’s what cannabis is for! (Well, one of the many things cannabis is for). When you’re really in pain, here are 7 strains you need if you suffer migraines. 

1. White Widow

1 cannabis strains for migraines white widow 7 Strains You Need To Try If You Suffer Migraines
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This strain is popular in Europe and hails from Amsterdam. But, it’s effective pain-fighting qualities and a host of medical uses has made it a popular choice among North Americans as well. White Widow is a thoughtful hybrid. This strain has uplifting and euphoric effects, but still creates powerful, full-bodied sensations of relaxation.

Break out this flower when you really need some potent medicine. Not only will White Widow help you think a little more clearly, but it’s 40% indica heritage will quickly ease away muscle tension caused bymigraine pain.

2. OG Kush

2 cannabis strains for migraines og kush 7 Strains You Need To Try If You Suffer Migraines
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OG Kush is a classic. In fact, it’s one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. You can find OG Kush just about anywhere, making it perfect for those who need some reliable relief. Though this strain is ahybrid, it has some powerful, sedative effects. Opt for a little OG when you’re ready to call it a night or plan to spend the day sleeping off your migraine.

With THC levels commonly clearing 20%, OG Kush is practically guaranteed to put your migraine in its place. As most cannabis-lovers probably know, THC is a powerful analgesic.

3. Harlequin

3 cannabis strains for migraines harlequin 7 Strains You Need To Try If You Suffer Migraines
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This high-CBD strain is excellent for daytime use. Harlequin is a bit unique, it features a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC. This means that it has the powerful pain-fighting abilities of both of these popular cannabinoids. Plus, the hefty dose of CBD in this strain is sure to put you in a happy, easygoing mood.

When combined, THC and CBD make a potent anti-inflammatory cocktail. This can quickly help relieve some uncomfortable migraine pressure.

4. Dream Queen

4 cannabis strains for migraines dream queen 7 Strains You Need To Try If You Suffer Migraines
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Dream Queen is a funky cross between Blue Dream and Space Queen. Though this strain is sativadominant, it does have a bit of an indica effect. Expect to feel calm and euphoric, with some minor sedation. Dream Queen is perfect for when you need to be awake, but could use a little relaxation.

This cosmic flower has also developed a reputation as a nausea-fighter. If you’re prone to headaches so bad that you throw up, you will quickly find an ally in Dream Queen. Pain, stress, anxiety, and depressionare all great reasons to give this strain a try.

5. Purple Kush

5 cannabis strains for migraines purple kush 7 Strains You Need To Try If You Suffer Migraines
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Unfortunately, sometimes migraines are so bad that you just need to lay down and sleep it off. When excruciating migraine pain is preventing you from much-needed sleep, it’s time for a heavy indica. Purple Kush is sure to deliver. It creates very deep, lasting body-numbing sensations. Expect to feel a little heavier and find yourself slowly drifting off to sleep.

Purple Kush is another strain that’s pretty easy to find no matter where you are. So, keep this pure indica in mind the next time you’re searching for something that will knock you out.

6. Chocolope

6 cannabis strains for migraines chocolope 1 7 Strains You Need To Try If You Suffer Migraines
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If you can feel a migraine coming on, you’ll want to act fast. Chocolope is a nice pain-fighting sativa. If you are worried that a headache is going to ruin your workday, or just can’t afford to lose time to extreme pain, try some of this strain before things get too out of hand.

As a sativa, Chocolope is energizing. A few puffs of this strain is sort of like drinking a nice strong cup of coffee. You’ll find your energy renewed and you’ll feel some of that dreaded brain fog start to disappear. Expect a happy, go-lucky experience from this plant.

7. God’s Gift

7 cannabis strains for migraines gods gift 7 Strains You Need To Try If You Suffer Migraines
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Another powerful indica, God’s Gift is for the days when you just need to chill out in a dark, quiet space. This strain has a THC content of around 20%, so it’s a good choice for a very bad day. Expect to sink into your bed as pain and migraine pressure ebbs away. After an hour or so, you’ll probably have enough of an appetite to snack on some of your favorite foods.

This is the perfect “gift” for those times when you just need to recover.

Migraines are awful. As a quick tip, sometimes puffing on a little cannabis isn’t quite enough. When you need a little extra help in the pain department, try rubbing a cannabis topical to your temples and the back of your neck. This provides quick inflammation relief to a localized area. Other than that, be sure to get plenty of rest, water, and sleep!

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