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Being the most famous molecule found in cannabis, THC has been a longtime victim of certain myths in the cannabis world. A lot of these fallacies were formed from incomplete research and some have even been lingering since the Reefer Madness era of the 1930’s. Many of these common myths surrounding THC  will be regurgitated by older relatives or traditionalists, but stay strong and remember that logic will always trump propaganda!

1.You can O.D. on any drug, right?

7 Common Myths 1 7 Most Common Myths Surrounding THC

One of THC’s greatest attributes is its ability to not cause the human body to start shutting down after taking too much. Many other substances can slow down breathing, cause brain damage, or even start rotting some users flesh.

Many cannabis enthusiasts have attempted to consume huge amounts of THC (thousands of mg), and not a single person has died, like ever.

2. Kiss those good memories goodbye!

7 Common Myths 2 7 Most Common Myths Surrounding THC

Lots of arguments about THC surround the memory problems that can be associated with the drug. But luckily, THC only affects insignificant short term memories that your brain often classifies as not important or irrelevant. So don’t worry, THC could never erase a childhood memory or an awesome summer of traveling.

3. The gateway…

7 Common Myths 3 7 Most Common Myths Surrounding THC

THC has long been blamed for being a stepping stone towards some of the world’s most addictive drugs. This has been disproven time and time again, and studies have actually shifted the blame onto alcohol and tobacco.

We’ve also heard that many of our readers have been HELPED get clean from dangerous drugs, thanks to the effects of the THC in cannabis.

4. Get ready for an IQ drop!

7 Common Myths 4 7 Most Common Myths Surrounding THC

This argument stems all the way back from the 30’s, and it still surprises us that people still use this argument. Studies have shown that even in adolescence, cannabis has a negligible effect on IQ variation throughout life.

5. THC is readily available in fresh cannabis

7 Common Myths 5 7 Most Common Myths Surrounding THC

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the precursor to the beloved THC that we all know and love. THC-A is basically a THC molecule with a carboxylic acid attached to it, but THC-A will not get you high. As seen in the image above, cannabis has to be heated to release its psychoactive component.

So don’t fret, swallowing your herb to avoid a criminal charge won’t mess you up during your conversation with the fuzz!

6. THC has no medical benefits

7 Common Myths 6 7 Most Common Myths Surrounding THC

This widespread myth has to be the most ignorant one of them all. In fact, THC has so many medicalbenefits that even big pharma has tried to create a synthetic version called Marinol. Here’s a great article explaining the differences between Marinol and naturally derived THC.

7. THC withdrawal will ruin your life

 7 Most Common Myths Surrounding THC

Sure, quitting cannabis after a long time of smoking won’t be very fun. But compared to other drugs that people use every day, THC’s withdrawal effects are some of the tamest. Heck, even caffeine withdrawals can cause migraines that feel like someone is drilling into your skull.

What THC myths do you despise the most? Do you have family or friends that can often spew this kind of stuff? Let us know!

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