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Summertime is here, and people are looking forward to vacations, road trips, and other fun adventures. For many of us, it’s our favorite time of the year, especially now. There are currently 25 states where medical cannabis is legal. However, four states allow visitors and residents to smoke at their free will. With that said, cannabis enthusiasts are ready to pack their bags and tour these beautiful and bud-friendly states. Here are five weed destinations that you need to visit this summer.

1. Colorado

1 summer weed tourism destinations colorado 5 Weed Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer
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In 2012, Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use. Today it is a model of excellence for the recreational industry as a whole. If you want to see first-hand what life in a legal state is like, Colorado is the place to be.

You can tour the best dispensaries around, pose for a selfie in a weed forest, and enjoy nature at the stunning Rocky Mountain Park- all from a limo or party bus. Michael Eymer, the owner of Colorado Cannabis Tours, is well aware that canna-tourism is essential for the success of the cannabis industry as a whole.

People come to us not just to consume, but to experience freedom in the United States of America. We show people how good and normal cannabis can be. We take the shame away from that.

On Fridays and Saturdays, half-day tours are available at less than $100. However, you should totally take advantage of multi-day packages that include transportation and even canna-friendly lodging. Coincidentally, they start at $420.

2. Washington

2 summer weed tourism destinations seattle 5 Weed Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer
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In 2014, Washington’s recreational marijuana law was put into effect but staggered when dispensaries had trouble keeping products on their shelves. More problems came about when regulators struggled to create appropriate doses for those looking for edibles. These issues didn’t keep the state down for long. The industry bounced back at full force with a more vocal activist community and streamlined system.

Seattle’s Hempfest takes place in the third week of August and prides itself on being the world’s largest cannabis-related event and America’s biggest free-speech event. Hempfest has played a vital role in the state’s legalization effort. It’s the festival of the summer, which brings in over 100,000 people and more than 1,000 volunteers. There’s food, music, crafts, and talented speakers including Woody Harrelson and David Kucinich.

Tea Party Congressman Dana Rohrabacher- the first member of Congress to admit to using medical cannabis to treat arthritis– is expected to attend this year, and even promised to bring representatives from the Republican party. Hempfest executive director Vivian McPeak spoke about the possible appearance with Complex.

Tea party Dana Rohrabacher just admitted that he uses topical medical marijuana and he’s confirmed for this year, and says he’s bringing people from the republican caucus. If those guys want to come aboard the campaign I’m all about it. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Besides Hempfest, Seattle’s Bud and Breakfast is another attraction that’s a must-see. These uniqueaccommodations provide you with the quaint cottage-like feel of traditional Bed and Breakfasts. Bed, Baked and Beyond and 7 Leaf Bed are 420-friendly guesthouses that offer organic farm to table dining (cannabis is optional), outdoor smoking lodges, and even cannabis spa treatments.

3. Oregon

3 summer weed tourism destinations oregon 5 Weed Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer
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Oregon is probably the coolest place on the marijuana map, and it’s not because of the insane amount of hipsters. It’s been the go-to place for recreational cannabis use for the past forty years, regardless if anyone wants to admit it or not.

The state’s canna-market isn’t up and running just yet, but don’t let that deter you. There are several products available to the public at medical dispensaries until retailers open up this fall. Whether you’re looking for cannabis-infused icecream, cannabis bike tours, or vegan weed pairing, Portland has got your covered.

Something you don’t want to miss is the Oregon County Fair, which has claimed to be pot-friendly since the 70s. Another plus to Oregon is that Washington a short twenty-minute drive away.

4. Alaska

4 summer weed tourism destinations alaska 5 Weed Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer
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Alaska doesn’t have much going on in its recreational scene. However, it still provides 420-friendly entertainment. Cannabis is challenging to purchase over-the-counter, but it’s readily available and legallygifted. Kush Tourism ranks as the state’s #1 canna-tourism spot.

Filled with grizzly bears, melting glaciers, the northern lights, and the legendary strain Alaskan Thunderfuck, nothing sounds more appealing than Alaska. How could you not want to partake in a whale watching cruise that’s weed-friendly? Once those munchies hit, you can load up on the best fish and chips around.

5. Washington D.C.

5 summer weed tourism destinations washington dc 5 Weed Destinations You Need To Visit This Summer
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Where else can you go where cannabis is legal for recreational use and possession, but cannot be boughtlegally? Only the District of Columbia, that’s where. Though we still have quite some time to go before D.C.becomes the next canna-tourism place that you need to be at, we are hoping Congress will be more relaxed come November.


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