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5 Strongest Strains On Earth Right Now Will Melt Your Mind

No pun intended, but the THC levels in cannabis just keep getting higher and higher. In the midst of debates about proper cannabis potency, growers have continued to innovate. As a result, we’re seeing dried bud with THC levels above 30%. The strains in this list are no exception, with THC content ranging from 27 to 33%. If you’re interested in some super powerful herb, here are the 5 strongest strains on earth right now. 

1. Chiquita Banana

1 strongest strains on earth chiquita banana 5 Strongest Strains On Earth Right Now Will Melt Your Mind
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This strain has made headlines as one of the world’s strongest strains. Chiquita Banana is not for the faint of heart. The herb’s THC levels can reach a soaring 33%. That’s about 10% higher than most high-THC strains you typically find just about anywhere.

Chiquita is a sativa-dominant herb that will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll thank her for all of the interesting conversations you’ll have after a few puffs. A little OG Kush thrown into the mix prevents you from getting too heady, however. Expect a nice balance between relaxation and mental stimulation.

2. Satori

2 strongest strains on earth satori 5 Strongest Strains On Earth Right Now Will Melt Your Mind
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At its best, Satori’s THC content reaches 28%. Bred by Mandala Seeds, Satori creates a nice cerebral high. Expect to feel clear headed, quick, and joyful after a few puffs of this sativa. A known mood-lifter, Satori is a great choice for whenever you’re feeling a bit down or blue.

Satori has Nepalese lineage, though its exact heritage is unknown to the public. This uplifting strain even has a happy, energizing aroma. Hints of fruit and spice complement earthy, pungent undertones.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

3 strongest strains on earth girl scouts 5 Strongest Strains On Earth Right Now Will Melt Your Mind
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Girl Scout Cookies has quickly become a favorite across the U.S. It’s the strain of choice for one of the strongest strains out there, Kurupt’s Moon Rocks. If you’ve tried it already, you know that you shouldn’t let the herb’s innocent sounding name surprise you. THC levels in GSC can reach an impressive 28%.

Girl Scout Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid with some decent indica lineage thanks to mellow OG Kush. If you’re a sativa fan, don’t worry. This strain still has some great sativa lineage in the mix as well.  In fact, the GSC has some Durban Poison roots, a landrace sativa known for its intense cerebral effects.

4. Y Griega

4 strongest strains on earth ygriega 5 Strongest Strains On Earth Right Now Will Melt Your Mind
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The THC levels in Y Griega come in at a hefty 27%. The THC definitely isn’t put to waste, either. This strain has developed a reputation for its nearly psychedelic effects. Y Griega is technically a hybrid, but sativa lineage dominates by about 80%.

While the effects of this train will cause your head to spin, its flavor and aroma are quite pleasant and relaxing. Expect a sweet, floral, tropical taste from this impressive flower. Y Griega is the product of Amnesia and Kali Mist, giving it energetic, creative, and euphoric effects.

5. Bruce Banner #3

5 strongest strains on earth bruce banner 5 Strongest Strains On Earth Right Now Will Melt Your Mind
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Named after the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner is not a strain to play around with. It may look like just your average Mary Jane, but be warned. At its best, this strain features a THC content of up to 30%. On average, expect to find THC levels somewhere in the 20-28% range. Bruce Banner #3 is one of three main variations of the Banner family.

This third variation has taken the herb to new heights. A powerful sativa, a little bit of this strain will keep you up all night or send you buzzing through the day. Taking after its OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel heritage, this Bruce Banner features a pleasant sweet and spicy taste and aroma.

Back in the 1970s, strains typically had less than 8% THC. Now, the strongest strains soar into the 30% range. Cannabis has undergone quite the transformation in the past four decades. The five strains in this list are the perfect examples of this change. Several years ago, cannabis with such high THC levels was unheard of. These strains might be the strongest on earth for now, but they’re bound to be surpassed in the upcoming years.

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